Better Bond Bad-Guy Names

Ok – we really enjoyed “Skyfall”- despite some slightly lukewarm reviews and comments we had heard beforehand.

Well, to be accurate, we enjoyed MOST of the movies’ contents. The one thing we felt might have been better was the name given to Bond’s arch-enemy played by actor, Javier Bardem – which was Raoul Silva/Tiaga Gonzales.

Unfortunately, either name failed to inspire us (coming from a long-line of expertly crafted villain names by Ian Fleming). Some of our previous favourites include-

Dr Julius No (Dr No)

Rosa Klebb (From Russia With Love)

Ernst Stavro Blofield (From Russia With Love)

Auric Goldfinger (Goldfinger)

Dr. Kananga / Mr. Big (Live and Let Die)

Francisco Scaramanga (The Man With The Golden Gun)

Karl Stromberg (The Spy Who Loved Me)

Sir Hugo Drax (Moonraker) – his picture above.

So where does that leave us. Well here’s a few of our own creations, using the tools and devices proposed by Theory of Names-

Phrixus Cy Argyros

Aatish Battacharjee

Sevastian Feldberg

Vlad Guttenmakher

Akil Jabara

Boryenka Zukov.

How did we do? What names for Bond Villains do you have?

The 2012 US Presidential Election baby name game

With the 2012 US Presidential Election fast approaching, it’s down-the-wire who will win.

So far we’ve heard the debates, the policies, the accusations and the catch-phrases.

But what about their childrens’ names? Who’s the winner there?

Firstly, Barack and Michelle Obama two girls’ names are-

Malia Ann (1998)

Sasha (Natasha) (2001).

Mitt and Ann’s Romney’s five boys’ names are-

Taggart Romney (1970)

Matthew Romney (1971)

Joshua Romney (1975)

Benjamin Romney (1978)

Craig Romney (1981)

Our vote? Shading it slightly, the challenger gets it.

Where’s your vote going?

The O’Driscoll-Huberman baby

At last – the news we’ve all been hoping for! Many congrats to Ireland’s top celebrity couple on the happy news of their pending first arrival. We’re thrilled, delighted and excited -it’s a long wait until March 2013!

Now then – what about the name….

The Jamie Oliver Special

Jamie Oliver has been on our minds alot recently. Here’s four reasons why-

1. He’s just opened another of his Italian restaurants, this time in Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dublin (only a few miles away from us) – and the food is great (mostly) (according to Catherine Cleary, food critic in the Irish Times) and it’s black-busy, all the time (queue only 30 minutes on a Monday evening).

2. He’s a wealthy, self-made pup (last estimate, net worth $235 million at last count) and an award winning social entrepreneur (lead speaker at the 2010 TED conference). The combination is rare – and we applaud him for it.

3. He’s also famous for the very flowery names he’s given his children – the extreme end of the flower-power trend that’s swept both US and UK/Ireland. In decending order, they are – Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver (born 18 March 2002), Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver (born on 10 April 2003), Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver (born on 3 April 2009) and Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver (born on 15 September 2010).

4. Last but not least, we are VERY CURIOUS about the skill he’s demonstrated in choosing his first name, which we believe defines the very essence of the chap. Time out – let’s consider some of the alternative names he could have adopted;

James Oliver

Jimi Oliver

Jim Oliver

Jude Oliver

Joules Oliver (sometimes used variation)

Jacques Oliver

Jackie Oliver

Jay Oliver

Jack Oliver

Josh Oliver

and finally-

Jamie Oliver.

You see Jamie Oliver works so brilliantly, because “Jamie” is the kind of “ordinary lad-mate, happy-go-lucky guy around town” name, that defines who he sets out to be (and possibly is) so well. We’re talking BRAND here.

Name Oliver. BRAND Oliver. What value has proper name then?

Bérénice Marlohe & Beautiful Bond-Girl Names

With the imminent release of Skyfall and the posting of our last blog on James H. Bond, we have been toying with the idea that having a beautiful actress name might be one of the factors for selecting the next Bond-girl (remember our earlier posts on Wags and Russian supermodels?). For example, here’s a short list of a dozen elegantly designed names from the current bond actresses-

Ursula Andress

Jane Seymour

Carmen du Sautoy

Serena Scott Thomas

Papillon Soo Soo

Eva Green

Talisa Soto

Carole Bouquet

Olga Bisera

Grace Jones

Maria Grazia Cucinotta

and last but not least

Berenice Marlohe (see picture above – Severine, the lastest bond-girl).

What do you think? Agree or not?

As we are on a roll with Bond related posts, stay tuned and we might take a look at the Bond character names next (both villains and Bond-girls).

Bond, James Bond – our 6th Beautiful Award Winner

Our sixth Beautiful Award winner, and our first fictional name award winner, is James Bond.

Ian Fleming’s creation has of course stood the test of time and later this week, Skyfall, the 23rd Bond movie, is released.

However – in keeping with out recent romp on Britney’s middle name, we asked ourselves does the most famous name in British Spy history have a middle name or names?

Before, checking it out, we stepped in with our own creations-

James Montgomery Bond

James Sinclair Bond

James Sutherland Bond

James Cornelius Bond

James Ismael Bond

James Isaac Jeremiah Bond

James Rosenburg Bond

James London Harvey Bond

James Golden Silver Bond

James Sterling Bond

James Charles Stewart Bond

James Rupert Salamander Bond

James T. Simon Bond

What do you think? Which are your favourites? What middle names can you come up with?

So did Ian Fleming bless our beloved character with a middle name?

Most fans and commentators believe he didn’t, but in 2006, the Daily Telegragh made the following assertion-

“In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1963), Bond is being held in a raffia-work cage suspended over a pool of piranha fish while the villain, Dr Peevish, taunts him by saying “Herbert, Herbert, Herbert” over and over again”.

So there you have it – Bond, James Herbert Bond.

Jack and Emily

Earlier this year, it was revealed from the annual CSO survey that Jack and Emily were the two most popular children’s names for new-borns in Ireland during 2011.

Of the 38223 boys born during 2011, there were 840 Jack’s (2.2%). Of the 36427 girls, there were 596 Emily’s (1.6%). Jack has been the top boy’s name since 2007; Emily has overtaken Sophia as the top girl’s name in 2011. There was a range of 4810 girl’s names on the full list and 3801 different boys’ names.

The penchant for greater variety of girl’s names is even more pronounced in the US, where Jacob has been the most popular names for (incredibly) the last 13 years. Sophia has unseated Isabella in the US as the top girl’s name after a two year reign at the top.

As usual, reading these lists makes interesting, fun reading; but as usual, our overwhelming feeling is this “top of the hit parade” and its cousin – names trend-watching – does little to help highly confused parents-to-be work their way through the tens, hundreds and thousands of possible name alternatives, in their endeavour to design a beautiful, memorable name for their special arrival.

And with the publication of our e-book in November, and nothing to loose, why not join the revolution and give our ideas on baby name design a try?

Happy Birthday to U

12 October 2012 is a special day for Theory of Names – we are 1 year old today!

To mark the occasion, we have given some thought to our source code – our creative basis – our philosophical principles (if you like).

For the moment this philosophy is simply a list of preferences. It may eventually evolve into someting more stark; but more the moment, it’s our map.

From the beginning-

1. A dream is more important than resources.

2. Resources are more important than a job.

3. A sense of humour is more important than a sense of importance.

4. A sense of importance is more important than a sense of impotence.

5. Faith is more important than facts.

6. Facts are more important than folly.

7. Composing is more important than being entertained.

8. Being entertained is more important than being busy.

9. Work is more important than play.

10. Play is more important than work.

11. Theory is more important than practice.

12. Practice is more important than potential.

That’s a start.

Now tell us yours!

Steve Jobs childrens’ names

Ten years ago this Friday, we obtained our first Apple product – the infamous (and very beautiful) sunflower iMac (picture above). What happened since is of course, the stuff of legends and our generation has inherited a legacy of zen-like designs and iconic product names.

Which begs the question, given his penchant for beautiful design, what did SJ call his children?

In addition to his daughter (Lisa) with painter Chrisann Brennan, SJ and Laurene Powell have three children together-

Reed Paul Jobs, born in September 1991
Erin Siena Jobs, born in August 1995 and
Eve Jobs, born in 1998.

How did he do? The creator of simple, beautiful, memorable names?

Please tell us what you think!

IAF Open House Dublin, 5-7 October

We are again looking forward to the Irish Architecture Foundation’s Open House weekend, running this year from 5-7 October.

This year boasts an expanded number and range of exhibition houses and buildings spread across Dublin. While unfortunately, many of the pre-booked tours were very qucikly fully subscribed, there is till much to enjoy including the skyscraper terrace of Liberty Hall, the ornate interior of Charlemont House, the award-winning design of Henry J. Lyons Architects Studios in Pearse Street and the retro-ridged concrete roof of Donnybrook Bus Garage.

Similar events are planned in Galway on 11-15 October and Limerick on 19-21 October.

To get you drooling at the possibilities of flawless design, here’s a snap of the exciting Plastic House (residential, pre-book) in North Strand D3-

Britney Spears’ middle name

To mark the arrival of Britney Spears’ arrival on the judges panel of X-Factor USA, we set ourselves the task of inventing 12 possible middle names for our All-American Princess of Pop.

So, driven by aspirations of creativity, beauty and memorable distinction, here’s the names we came up with-

Britney Miranda Spears

Britney Carmelleta Spears

Britney Lu Spears

Britney Wilson Spears

Britney Sugar Ray Spears

Britney Cassius Spears

Britney Cornelia Cole Spears

Britney Jude Spears

Britney Tyler Mu Spears

Britney Tiger May Spears

Britney Jagger Woo Spears

Britney Diamond G Spears.

So – what’s your favourite???

PS – By the way… her real middle name? Is, of course, Britney Jean Spears.

Drink Up!

Our two favourite drink-names from a recent trip to Edinburgh, had to be-

1. Iron barr bru (of course!)

2. Whittard (teas, hot chocolate, herbal drink etc)

So what’s you favourite drink-name tipple?