Beautiful, Beautiful Patrick

The 17th March, is of course, the date of our national holiday in Ireland, when we are reminded of the beautiful, memorable name of our patron Saint – Patrick.

We love the name Patrick, not only because it reminds us our artistic, creative (Irish) heart, but also because of its classic, two-syllable simplicity. Not surprisingly, it’s a name that gained in popularity in Ireland and abroad in recent years.

It’s also a name with many beautiful, flamboyant variations – both Irish and international. Names such as-

Irish variations-
Pádraig. Paraic, Pat, Patsy, Pa, Paddy

International variations-

Patrice/Patrique (French),

Patrizio (Italian),

Patricio (Spanish)

Patricius (Dutch)

Patek, Patryk (Polish)

Patricio (Portuguese)

Padrik (Slavic).

So put on your Irish artistic heart, and tell us which is your favourite Patrick-variation name?

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