Why Apple?

AppleWhy will we use a picture of an apple on the cover of a book about baby-names (launch date 12 October 2016)?

It’s a question we are often asked and the response is always the same. We see creation of a name (child, pet, business, product or service) primarily as a matter of design. We are designers and artists at heart. Our aim is simple we wish to create, and show others how to create beautiful memorable names. It’s not an easy business. In business and personal life it’s an area people struggle with. Choosing the wrong name, can have profound, long-term effects (there are examples of this on the book). At a minimum, creating a plain, boring or awkward name can be demotivating and uninspiring.

The good news is that building a beautiful name has the opposite effect. We feel proud and happy every time we hear it. It reminds us of what we are capable of, creatively and artistically. Creating a beautiful name helps us define who we are and what we value and strive for. Building a beautiful name is worth it.

So when you see the Apple on the front of our book, we hope it inspires the artistic, name-designer you. Apple – think Steve Jobs. Think Beatles.

Think Theory of Names. Let’s start a movement of name artists. Let’s invent names for our children and for our imaginations. Let’s invent names for our businesses and for the products we dream of. Let’s call our pets exotic, beautiful names. Anyone can do it, young or old. It’s not hard. We want help.

Let’s begin. Let’s play. Let’s create.

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