Royal Baby Names (tv programme)

Speculation as to the name of the Royal baby is sure to intensify after Tuesday night’s “Royal Babies” programme on ITV, and the programme’s own baby name prediction as Elizabeth Diana Carole (Kate Middleton’s mother).

Ladbrokes are also giving odds based on a safe stable of grandparent and traditional royal favourites –

Elizabeth 8/1
Frances 10/1
John 10/1
Charles 10/1
Diana 12/1
Anne 12/1
James 12/1
George 14/1
Mary 14/1
Philip 14/1
Richard 16/1
Edward 16/1
Catherine 16/1
Sarah 16/1
Spencer 20/1
Andrew 20/1
David 20/1
Jessica 20/1
Victoria 20/1
Alexander 20/1

So what alternatives are left? What would Theory of Names suggest?

Well – setting aside the important issue of surname, which we will return to later, we would ordinarily suggest a short syllable boys name or multiple syllable girls names. Our favourites from the Ladbrokes list would then be-

For boys – James or George

For girls – Catherine, Jessica or Victoria.

Of course, we really hope that Kate and William take some risks and go for something a little more unorthodox, mix it up, consider creative middle names (possibly a foreign middle name?) – make it truly a beautiful, memorable name.

What do you think?

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