Better Bond Bad-Guy Names

Ok – we really enjoyed “Skyfall”- despite some slightly lukewarm reviews and comments we had heard beforehand.

Well, to be accurate, we enjoyed MOST of the movies’ contents. The one thing we felt might have been better was the name given to Bond’s arch-enemy played by actor, Javier Bardem – which was Raoul Silva/Tiaga Gonzales.

Unfortunately, either name failed to inspire us (coming from a long-line of expertly crafted villain names by Ian Fleming). Some of our previous favourites include-

Dr Julius No (Dr No)

Rosa Klebb (From Russia With Love)

Ernst Stavro Blofield (From Russia With Love)

Auric Goldfinger (Goldfinger)

Dr. Kananga / Mr. Big (Live and Let Die)

Francisco Scaramanga (The Man With The Golden Gun)

Karl Stromberg (The Spy Who Loved Me)

Sir Hugo Drax (Moonraker) – his picture above.

So where does that leave us. Well here’s a few of our own creations, using the tools and devices proposed by Theory of Names-

Phrixus Cy Argyros

Aatish Battacharjee

Sevastian Feldberg

Vlad Guttenmakher

Akil Jabara

Boryenka Zukov.

How did we do? What names for Bond Villains do you have?

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