Bérénice Marlohe & Beautiful Bond-Girl Names

With the imminent release of Skyfall and the posting of our last blog on James H. Bond, we have been toying with the idea that having a beautiful actress name might be one of the factors for selecting the next Bond-girl (remember our earlier posts on Wags and Russian supermodels?). For example, here’s a short list of a dozen elegantly designed names from the current bond actresses-

Ursula Andress

Jane Seymour

Carmen du Sautoy

Serena Scott Thomas

Papillon Soo Soo

Eva Green

Talisa Soto

Carole Bouquet

Olga Bisera

Grace Jones

Maria Grazia Cucinotta

and last but not least

Berenice Marlohe (see picture above – Severine, the lastest bond-girl).

What do you think? Agree or not?

As we are on a roll with Bond related posts, stay tuned and we might take a look at the Bond character names next (both villains and Bond-girls).

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