Jack and Emily

Earlier this year, it was revealed from the annual CSO survey that Jack and Emily were the two most popular children’s names for new-borns in Ireland during 2011.

Of the 38223 boys born during 2011, there were 840 Jack’s (2.2%). Of the 36427 girls, there were 596 Emily’s (1.6%). Jack has been the top boy’s name since 2007; Emily has overtaken Sophia as the top girl’s name in 2011. There was a range of 4810 girl’s names on the full list and 3801 different boys’ names.

The penchant for greater variety of girl’s names is even more pronounced in the US, where Jacob has been the most popular names for (incredibly) the last 13 years. Sophia has unseated Isabella in the US as the top girl’s name after a two year reign at the top.

As usual, reading these lists makes interesting, fun reading; but as usual, our overwhelming feeling is this “top of the hit parade” and its cousin – names trend-watching – does little to help highly confused parents-to-be work their way through the tens, hundreds and thousands of possible name alternatives, in their endeavour to design a beautiful, memorable name for their special arrival.

And with the publication of our e-book in November, and nothing to loose, why not join the revolution and give our ideas on baby name design a try?

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