The Jamie Oliver Special

Jamie Oliver has been on our minds alot recently. Here’s four reasons why-

1. He’s just opened another of his Italian restaurants, this time in Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dublin (only a few miles away from us) – and the food is great (mostly) (according to Catherine Cleary, food critic in the Irish Times) and it’s black-busy, all the time (queue only 30 minutes on a Monday evening).

2. He’s a wealthy, self-made pup (last estimate, net worth $235 million at last count) and an award winning social entrepreneur (lead speaker at the 2010 TED conference). The combination is rare – and we applaud him for it.

3. He’s also famous for the very flowery names he’s given his children – the extreme end of the flower-power trend that’s swept both US and UK/Ireland. In decending order, they are – Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver (born 18 March 2002), Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver (born on 10 April 2003), Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver (born on 3 April 2009) and Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver (born on 15 September 2010).

4. Last but not least, we are VERY CURIOUS about the skill he’s demonstrated in choosing his first name, which we believe defines the very essence of the chap. Time out – let’s consider some of the alternative names he could have adopted;

James Oliver

Jimi Oliver

Jim Oliver

Jude Oliver

Joules Oliver (sometimes used variation)

Jacques Oliver

Jackie Oliver

Jay Oliver

Jack Oliver

Josh Oliver

and finally-

Jamie Oliver.

You see Jamie Oliver works so brilliantly, because “Jamie” is the kind of “ordinary lad-mate, happy-go-lucky guy around town” name, that defines who he sets out to be (and possibly is) so well. We’re talking BRAND here.

Name Oliver. BRAND Oliver. What value has proper name then?

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