Suri Cruise

Isn’t Suri Cruise one of those “brandable” names that could be attached to any number of fashion/designer products, putting aside its superstar celebrity parentage?

We believe one of the reasons for this, is a concept we introduce in Theory of Names called “phonic distance” which proposes an ideal phonic spacing of first name to surname, first name to middle names etc. For example, Suri to Cruise utilses a spacing of ten phonic points between Ss and Cc. In comparison, the rumoured change of her name to Scout Cruise Holmes illustrates a gap of fifteen phonic points between first and last names and breaks a number of the other key concepts in Theory of Names (we don’t like Katie!).

Over Christmas and New Year we’ll look at some more examples of good and bad usage of the principle.

In the interim, let us know – what do you think of the “Phonic Distance” concept and how well does it apply to your favourite names?

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