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Roll Up, Roll Up – it’s Kardashian-West Baby No.2!

With the exciting news that Kardashian-West baby number 2 is on the way, speculation will commence as to possible baby names to usurp the amusing (and pretty) name of baby Sister, North.

Dismissing the obvious choice of other compass-based names (which we sincerely hope they avoid), at Theory of Names, we wondered if Kanye-Kim might instead reflect on their Irish honeymoon for inspiration and use an Irish place (or Ireland-related) name as an exotic Christian name alternative. Applying the Theory of Names methodology and principles, some of the options we came up with were-

Kerry West

Galway West

Ulysses (the James Joyce book) West

Buncrana West

Tempo West

Antrim West

Armagh (pronounced arr-maa) West

Malone (after Molly) West

Clear (after Cape Clear) West

Dingle West

Enya (the Singer) West

Maeve (after Queen Maeve) West

Shelbourne (the Dublin hotel) West

Shamrock West

Which is your favourite? What exotic, beautiful name might they pick?

Suri Cruise

Isn’t Suri Cruise one of those “brandable” names that could be attached to any number of fashion/designer products, putting aside its superstar celebrity parentage?

We believe one of the reasons for this, is a concept we introduce in Theory of Names called “phonic distance” which proposes an ideal phonic spacing of first name to surname, first name to middle names etc. For example, Suri to Cruise utilses a spacing of ten phonic points between Ss and Cc. In comparison, the rumoured change of her name to Scout Cruise Holmes illustrates a gap of fifteen phonic points between first and last names and breaks a number of the other key concepts in Theory of Names (we don’t like Katie!).

Over Christmas and New Year we’ll look at some more examples of good and bad usage of the principle.

In the interim, let us know – what do you think of the “Phonic Distance” concept and how well does it apply to your favourite names?


Resident in Dublin, Ireland, the founder and Chief Architect of Theory of Names is Writer and Business Strategist, David Brady; married to Lorna and proud Dad to Grace (13) and Maeve (8).

Based on a set of ideas, principles and processes he developed at the time of naming his daughters, his goal in creating Theory of Names is simply to give parents inspiration and options when making one of the most important (and happiest) decisions of their adult lives.  He is presently expanding his ideas into the corporate realm and is writing a book on business name formation.

His objective is to construct names that make people smile.  Names that make parents look at each other and fall in love (again).  Names they will say over and over, again and again.  Names that play their favorite song and become their family love anthems – for the rest of their lives.

So why “Theory of Names” and how is it different from the hundred of other books and courses on baby names?

Well that’s what it is – a Theory, not a law or dictum.  One person’s ideas on what makes wonderful names.  But instead of ploughing your way through hundreds (if not thousands) of books and confusing possibilities, wouldn’t it be nice if someone explained the building blocks for piecing together a magical, musical – simple and beautiful name?  A name of your own, based on creative design principles and formulas?

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