Your chance to win two complimentary places on our next Theory of Names workshop (or if you prefer, two hours one-to-one coaching)!

Using one of the case studies taken from our forthcoming e-book (see below), submit your four best name suggestions for the couple’s forthcoming arrival to- before 12 October.

Good luck!!

Case Study 3 – The modern American Family

Marie Bac and James Watterson became a couple 18 months ago and are now expecting their first child.

Marie is a French artist/graphic designer, an only-child, born about 8 miles outside Biarritz. James, who was previously married, was born in Vancouver. His parents are inter-racial – Black and Caucasian, and he has three older brothers. James is a software developer with Opennet and they have just bought an apartment in West-side Manhattan.

James came across the Theory of Names on the net, read the e-book and they both did the half-day workshop during the week. They are really enthusiastic about using the ideas for naming their baby due in 6 weeks time. James has one son from his previous marriage – Tyler Be – so he is not averse to using exotic names although Marie prefers modern popular or classic names. To begin, they think about James’ surname, Watterson – which is a traditional Canadian name, although not very common.

What male and female name suggestions (2 + 2) do you have for Marie and James?

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