Roll Up, Roll Up – it’s Kardashian-West Baby No.2!

With the exciting news that Kardashian-West baby number 2 is on the way, speculation will commence as to possible baby names to usurp the amusing (and pretty) name of baby Sister, North.

Dismissing the obvious choice of other compass-based names (which we sincerely hope they avoid), at Theory of Names, we wondered if Kanye-Kim might instead reflect on their Irish honeymoon for inspiration and use an Irish place (or Ireland-related) name as an exotic Christian name alternative. Applying the Theory of Names methodology and principles, some of the options we came up with were-

Kerry West

Galway West

Ulysses (the James Joyce book) West

Buncrana West

Tempo West

Antrim West

Armagh (pronounced arr-maa) West

Malone (after Molly) West

Clear (after Cape Clear) West

Dingle West

Enya (the Singer) West

Maeve (after Queen Maeve) West

Shelbourne (the Dublin hotel) West

Shamrock West

Which is your favourite? What exotic, beautiful name might they pick?

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