Mark E.? Answers on a Postcard…

mark brix

We’re on a roll with this Brix Smith, Mark Smith, “The Fall” thing, as we joyfully progress through the recently published Brix Smith Start biography.  As we really like/ love the design of the plain old, straight-ahead “Mark Smith” and/ or ” Mark E.” names, we put our little grey cells to beautiful, middle name options arising from application of Theory of Names.  Here’s some of the classic/ exotic combos we came up with-

Mark Egogo Smith

Mark Earnest Smith

Mark Edgar Smith

Mark Elephant Smith

Mark Egg Smith

Mark Elephant Smith

Mark Ebenezer Smith

Mark Elijah Smith

Mark Experience Smith

Mark Easton Smith

Mark Eccleston Smith

Mark Eadwig Smith

Mark Effie Smith

Mark Erskine Smith

Mark Edwina Smith

Mark Eastman Smith

So what’s your favourite Mark E. name?  His real middle name – Edward.

Could have done better, we think.  But we would say that.

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